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- Fraxinus Manna what is? -
“Manna, to most people means a windfall, an unexpected gift from heaven.”

Manna actually exists today in Italy, in a small corner of the island of Sicily and it does not fall from the sky but it drips from the Fraxinus Tree (ash tree) and solidifies into white stalactites with amazing properties.  
It is obtained by making incisions with a knife in the trunks from which the descending elaborated sap flows.
The period of incision and harvesting lasts from the first ten days of July to September, but there is a close relationship between the climate during this period and the quantity produced. When the bitter violet-coloured juice, which immediately gushes out of the incision, comes into contact with the air, especially under the baking hot Sicilian sun, it becomes sweet and solidifies on the trunk.
This particular phenomenon is the result of the miraculous coincidence of various favourable environmental factors.
Harvesting takes place using special tools and two main qualities are produced: "cannolo" (cream bar) manna and "broken" or "worked" manna.
All Physiomanna products are based on Pure and Rare Fraxinus Manna and free of contraindicatios and side effects. Physiomanna line is specially dedicated to the gastro-intestinal wellbeing and definitely suitable for delicate subjects too.
-Physiomanna Product Line-
Physiomanna is the only Dietary Supplements Line based on Pure Fraxinus Manna developed for gastrointestinal wellbeing.

Physiomanna Fibra

Physiomanna Fibra promotes weigth control and bowel regularity.

Physiomanna LaxDepur

Physiomanna LaxDepur is an innovative
dietary supplement made with Pura Fraxinus Manna,
which promotes intestinal transit with a
painless, quick and delicate action.

Physiomanna Baby

Physiomanna Baby perfect to take care of babies and childrens
gastrointestinals health, and to promote bowel transit.

Physiomanna Kids

Physiomanna Kids is the innovative nutraceutical product made with Pure Fraxinus Manna. It is the ultimate fast-acting osmotic which restores physiologically the microbiome.

Physiomanna Immuno Defence

Difese immunitarie
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