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Physiomanna Baby

Physiomanna Baby
Perfect to take care of babies and children gastrointestinal health, and to promote bowel transit.
Physiomanna Baby is the sole nutraceutical made for babyes and toddler from 0 up to 3 years old with Pure Fraxinus Manna, which promotes intestinal transit and ensuring rapid, painless and safe evacuation. In addition, fennel, lemon balm and chamomile grant bloating and cramps reduction. Physiomanna Baby is reliable, not irritating and has not contraindications.
It has a pleasant taste (honey-like) and it is not cariogenic.
De plus:
Plant based formula
Perfect for bowel transit function and education, colic and flatulence.
Gentle and non-invasive
Can be used by celiac children, lactose intolerant babies and kids on medication
Very easy to administer with a dosage per kg of weight
With a very pleasant and sweet taste, the product dissolves in water or any other beverage
No preservatives, No colouring agents, No flavourings, No fats added, No OGM, No side effects, No addiction, No irritation,No dental decay, No flatulence
Promote bowel transit
In case of constipation and severe constipation
To prevent the passage of hard stools
In case of gastrointestinal education
Osmotically, it draws water into the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract.
Improving the frequency and consistency of stools.
Reducing discomfort and abdominal pain.
Reducing uncomfortable flatulence
Help preventing occasional constipation
Best suited to treat babies and kids, even lactose intolerant, with rags and fists
Very useful for colic and meteorism.
Natural and Effective.
Physiomanna Baby - 100 g SOLUBLE GRANULAR contains:
Physiomanna (pure Fraxinus Manna and Fructose Mannite)
Fennel: carminative, digestive, anti-meteorism
Melissa: antispasmodic, digestive, antiseptic, soothing
Chamomile: calming and anti-inflammatory
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